The wells of Pandi Warra-John Milne

The small village of Pandi warra was a long way from the big city. In that village have 2 hero . Both of them are very strong and very brave.They thought that they were the strongest and bravest young men who had ever lived in the village. These two young man decided to climb to the top of the white mountain. And then, they left the village early one morning and the did not tell anyone ¬†what they were planning to do. After that, both of them never return back to the village. Motta’s youngest men in the village,after hear that story he dream what to climb White mountain alone by himself. … etc . In his 10th birthday ,while everyone go to market he plan go to climb mountain. While, he ¬†climb mountain his ate all his food and drink all the water. when he feel tired and hungry , he have meet fox and he scared and then , he shout for help. Mr Latta is merchant from city he have saved motta life. Motta dream is ended and his next dream to be merchant ….etc.

Main character -Motta and Mr Latta.

I chose this book because I also have one dream but i can’t reached.

This book was interesting because when i was a child . I also have alots of dream like him.

I recommand this book to all people who are interesting about having a dream.20150327122441


Deadly love- Kieth Morley

David Allenby is reporter and has a girlfriend at work liberal democrats.By the chance , David has meet one american girl name Ruth Cronin is young and pretty.She has falling in love with him when they first meet and she already know that David already has girlfriend but she still love him.After that, David’s girlfriend know everything about them. That’s David has cheat to her but David didn’t. David try to explain her ….etc. until,Ruth and David’s girlfriend meet up together. Ruth is a troublemarker she want to destroy relationship between David and his girlfriend. And then, David and his girlfriend their relationship is over… etc ..Finally,David has know that Ruth is crazy girl. David has escaped from Ruth to live with his Uncle for a while .Ruth try to find David’s uncle address from his friends. Then,she can find his address she try to act as before but David feel angry and afraid with her but, David told her to stop love him because he still love his ex.
Ruth is very angry with him and has plan to kill him. In the next morning, the police discovered the body of a young man in a cottage. The body has been identified that is David Allenby. The police would like to a question with Ruth. After,the investigate by the police Ruth is a murder.

Main character – David Allenby and Ruth Cronin.

I was interesting in this because of the title make me want to read this book.

I chose this book because the title is so interesting .

I recommand this book to all teenager because this book about triangle love and they can think carefully.2015315192705

The Verandan Ghost -Lilliana Haincl

Story-Marty Liked to life with quitness,The big old house,the deep verandan. She liked to going out onto the back verandan to get to bath. At night, she always like to read Ghost movies.That’s why she always thing Ghost surround Her… etc
Finally,ghost that she always is a cat.

Character- Marty

I chose this book because I like to read ghost story.

I recommand this to people to like reading books.

This book was Interesting because I never see ghost that’s why I want to See ghost.C360_2015-03-10-10-28-34-985

Made with Square InstaPicThe Angry Valley- Nigel Grimshaw

Story- Government want to Help local people near London to Built Nuclear atomic reactor to Produce electricity. Some people were happy because they can help Job to Do but some people doesn’t happy because they worry about nuclear Atomic reactor might be Harmful their health…etc
Finally,the project has done everyone happy to Live Trewern.
Character- David Morgan,Owen,David,Helen and Gwen’s David daughter.

I chose this book because this book was meaningful to me.

This book was interesting,but some words I didn’t know I just skip it.

I recommend this book to person that want to help some people but didn’t think about advantage and disadvantage.